China "Zun" Tower



The official name of China Zun Tower is "CITIC Tower", it's named after the company CITIC (China International Trust Investment Corporation), a state-owned investment company of China, the building will become the headquarters of the company.
The tower's nickname China Zun is given for the tower appearing like a "Zun", which is a sort of ancient Chinese bronze artifact for ritualistic uses, the name China Zun is more widely used.


China Zun Tower is located at the Z15 plot of Beijing's Central Business District (CBD) core area in Chaoyang District, the plot is situated by a road called Guanghua Road. The CBD core area has more than 20 other tall buildings built or planned to be built, ranging from 150 meters to 368 meters in height.


China Zun Tower stands at 528 meters, this is measured from the ground to tips on the building's parapet at top. The roof is 524 meters high.

China Zun Tower is the tallest building in Beijing, in foreseeable future, no other buildings will be built higher than it in Beijing. As of 2018, China Zun Tower is the 6th tallest building in China and the 10th tallest building in the world.

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